Our company

Allen Cyber Security Services specializes in securing small business against growing malicious cyber-attacks.

12Years’ Serving in the Air Force

Our Experience

portrait of Andrew
The founder, Andrew Allen served 12 years in the United States Air Force. Focusing on among other assignments to be a Cyberspace Operations Officer (17D). Andrew led a unit monitoring and diagnosing network and hardware problems and later joined the 91st Network Warfare Squadron where he led a team performing actual cyber warfare operations.
Andrew has literally seen the warfare of cyber-attacks and coming back to the private sector, was shocked to see the level of vulnerability and lack of preparation that the business world has in their web sites, data and networks. Cyber threats are things that many people are oblivious to, unless you get attacked. When big businesses get hit – they have a war chest to survive. When small businesses get hit, many of them are bankrupt and gone within 6 months. Andrew didn’t spend 12 years in keeping our country safe, only to sit back and let the enemy take us down one by one from within. That is why Andrew started Allen Cyber Security Services – to provide small businesses with effective, personalized, and affordable solutions to online security.

Investing in computer security before there is a problem is much easier and cheaper than trying to recover after a cyber security incident.

Additional Training

Advanced Cyber Warfare Training
Root9B – 2014
Intermediate Network Warfare Training
US Air Force – 2013
Undergraduate Cyberspace Training
US Air Force – 2010


Academic Excellence Award – Intermediate Network Warfare Training
US Air Force